Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not Your Average Grilled Cheese

I was reading a book and in the back it has a few recipes that are used troughout the book. I honestly have never tried it but it sounds amazing. I can not wait to try this!

Not Your Average Grilled Cheese:
2 slices of white bread
Plenty of butter
A little mustard
2 slices of smoked Gouda Cheese
2 slices of Cheddar Cheese
And some fresh basil if you have the craving

Preheat your stove to a warm temp. Both sides of the bread with butter. Lightly spread a little bit of butter on one side of bread. In the middle of the bread put the cheese and cook to your liking. Make sure cheese is melted and oozing out the sides. Enjoy!
Makes 1!

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My crazy crazy life said...

YUM! Good job Kaylee, I'm going to try this one too!